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Lighting and Heating Products

Propane is a reliable and clean energy source for lighting exterior entryways, walks, driveways, landscaping, and outdoor entertainment spaces. To help extend the ambience, propane patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to help your family cozy-up on cool days and chilly nights.

Rustic glow, reliable lighting

With a variety of styles and both wall-mounted and post-mounted options, propane lighting is an innovative way to complement the design of any home. Unlike electric bulbs, which can burn out or go dark during power outages, propane lights are a steady, reliable way to welcome guests, accent landscaping, and maintain home security. Just as important, today's light fixtures offer convenience and safety features, such as on-off switches with automatic ignition.

Light of the party

On decks and patios, propane lighting really shines. Choose from a broad selection of tabletop lamps, many of which can operate on a standard camp-style propane cylinder. Meanwhile, you'll enjoy how tiki and pedestal propane lamps can create a great visual statement in your outdoor entertaining spaces. These yard lamps eliminate the smell and residue that oil-burning torches can create, and many can burn for 10 hours or more on a portable propane cylinder.

Warming things up

Chilly weather is no match for a portable propane patio heater or outdoor fireplace. From small tabletop heaters that can help warm up an intimate outdoor dinner to floor-standing fireplaces that can deliver a circle of radiant heat up to 20 feet in diameter, propane's clean, versatile energy can raise the outdoor air temperature by between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. And they’re 85 percent efficient, compared with the 15 percent efficiency of wood-burning fireplaces.

Most propane heaters and fireplaces feature automatic igniters for quick startup. Portable units typically offer many safety features, including an auto tilt valve that immediately shuts down the heater if it is knocked over.     

Tips for safe installation and maintenance

If you're ready to fuel your outdoor fun with the versatile, clean power of propane, consider the following tips:

Hire a professional installer. If you're buying propane lighting or heating equipment as a permanent addition to your home or yard, choose a qualified service technician to install it. For a list of professionally trained service providers, get in touch with your nearest propane retailer.

Schedule an annual checkup. While propane lighting and heating appliances are low-maintenance, it's smart to schedule a yearly inspection. When performed by a qualified technician, this checkup will ensure that all systems are operating at peak performance. To find a qualified technician in your area, get in touch with your nearest propane retailer.